Friday, 19 November 2010

Simpo Word to PDF Full Serial

Ok kali ini pula aku shared Word to PDF iaitu "Simpo Word to PDF Full Serial". Pernah aku sharedkan PDF to Word kali ini pula aku sharedkan Word to PDF(~_^)cekidot

Kepada kawan-kawan yang ingin wordnya tidak mahu di edit orang yang sepenuhnya Copy Paste user, converterkan lah ke PDF, siapa tidak tahu apa kelebihan fail pdf?? lawa tidak boleh di copy paste dll.

(Screenshot masa aku uji cuba)
Features :-
*Easy-to-use Interface
Like all Simpo PDF products, Simpo PDF to Word provides you an intuitive interface, which is popular for both professionals and beginners. Just two clicks: Import files, click "convert" and done!
*100% Preserve Layouts
All layouts, text, images and other contents in PDF file are amazingly preserved after it's converted to word document.
*High Speed Conversion
Simpo PDF to Word only takes seconds, and even faster, to convert a huge pdf file to .doc without any quality lost. What's more, it supports batch conversion to save your time.
*Advanced Settings
There are two options for the output. Your final Word files could be plain text (no images) or keep all layouts.

Macam mana?? Langsung aja download, link download ada dibawah.

Password :
Link Downlad Simpo Word To Pdf Disini.

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